Advanced market research

We provide advanced equities markets research for most important equities from USA and from Romania. The research considers the macroeconomic picture from all countries based on economic events from global economic calendar. It analyzes 25 indexes and ETFs to create a view of the whole market. The buy/sell decisions from the research are for the whole market as well as for the individual equities.

The price for one month is 10 RON (approximately 3 USD or 2.24 Euro). The price is lower when you buy more months and/or when you have points.

Advertisement system

Anyone can add ads on the first page. There are three types of ads: big ads, medium ads and small ads. On the top are the big ads. In the middle below the Quantitative Analysis information are the medium ads. At the bottom are the small ads. The prices of the ads are changed based on demand and they can be paid entirely with points. Most of the small ads are free.

Points from the website How to accumulate cash or pointsdetails

The accumulated points can be used to buy producst or services on the site. Those are evalutated at one point one RON. If you have many points you may buy external products according to the following table:

Points   required
IBD digital subscription - 3 months subscription 1 000
IBD digital subscription - 1 year subscription3 300
IBD digital subscription - 3 years subscription7 200
Trader Professional Course 20 000
Professional Trader Part 1 - Online (Four 3-Hour Sessions) 20 000
Professional Trader Part 2 - Online (Ten 3-hour sessions, Online)50 000

The points are created by recomandations. You receive points when somebody recomended by you recommend someone else. Also, when someone else, that was recommended through you, recommend somebody you get points.

It is very easy to accumulate points when the users cooperate and recommend new users. For example, supposing that you recommend 5 people and every month the new users recommend other 5 people then in one year you will have two million points.

To recommend somebody enter in your account at menu: Profile -> Recommend Users -> Recommend New Users. From this page you may send invitations on email or you may use your referral link to send invitation to your friends using a chat or your email. The page can be seen below:

Quantitative Analysis SRL reserve the right to cancel points generated with fraud or fake emails that do not belong to real people.